Embracing the Imperfection, Part 1 (of a million)

OK, so what inspired me to finally, after all these months (years?) of contemplation about starting a blog, finally get going?

Lots of things, but we’ll start with Imperfection.

It’s kind of a discipline for me, you could say. I’m quite serious about making a mess, or several, perfectly imperfect.

For example, I’ve recently started making a quilt. It’s not just any quilt either–it’s a high stakes quilt. A quilt made from the carefully cut up scraps of my grandfather’s shirts. He died last December, when I was 14 weeks pregnant with my first baby, who is now playing in his jumparoo in the hallway, watching me put it together.


I procrastinated a lot on this too. Got caught up in the perfection trap. Did way more reading about quilts than making said quilts. Thought I’d start with some practice quilts before making Papa’s quilt, thought I’d have to find the perfect design, thought I’d read some more books.

And then I decided to take the plunge.

When things get too precious, I’ve started trying to just jump in. To wreck it. To be punk as fuck, to embrace that rawness, to embrace sloppiness & imperfection as part of my process. I mean, maybe at some point I’ll polish things up, but more than likely, I’ll just get better at learning compensation techniques.

I’ve also been really inspired by Austin Kleon’s books, and in his latest, he suggests learning something in front of other people, documenting your learning process, sharing what you uniquely have to offer with the world.

A corner of my studio. A Mary Oliver quote that I live by. The start of my quilt.
So I wondered for a long time what a bumbler like me has to share. Well, the bumbling. I bet most people learning how to quilt work really hard at perfecting techniques that are traditional to the medium. And that’s one way of doing it, which sometimes I wish I were better at doing myself. But it’s gonna kill my enthusiasm, and keep me bound up in perfectionism if I wait until I can finally sew a straight seam (no, I’m not really kidding). So here I go.

I’m going to make this quilt. The seams aren’t going to be pressed well. The material isn’t all going to be the same weight. The lines will all be crooked. Probably nothing will square up very well. My binding will be a hot mess, I’m sure. But I’ll ask & answer for you: What would happen if I made every mistake there was to make? What would happen if I were as sloppy & wild & free as I’m naturally inclined to be? At the end of the day, I’m going to have a big piece of fabric that will have Papa’s shirts sewn into it in a somewhat aesthetically-pleasing manner. We’ll see together why the “supposed to”‘s are there. I’ll show you how big a mess you can make.


Let’s do this!



No Big Deal. That’s what this is. A lot of folks that I admire have blogs, and now I do too.


I can’t remember who (if it was you & you’re reading this, please let me know so I can give credit where it’s due!) said that your first blog post was probably gonna suck, so you’d do best to write it & get it over with.