Journal52: Weeks 3 & 4

No, I’m not petering out (I don’t think); I just didn’t really like how my pages came out for these weeks, so I waited until there were two spreads that I was unhappy with instead of just one. Heh. That makes sense, right? (No!)

Anyway, the Week 3 prompt was “Conversation Starters“.  I deviated from that, not using a conversation I overheard, but instead trying to make a page about a conversation/relationship that’s been weighing on me for a while.


It came out just as ugly as it feels.  Which I guess is fitting. I did some stacked journaling in the background, then made the letters out of that. It makes me realize that I really want to work on my lettering. Some details:  IMG_6527



The prompt for Week 4 was “silhouettes“, my favorite of which is the silhouettes of the trees outside my window against the winter sky.


The winter sky is something that I’ve always wanted to figure out how to portray, a feeling of cold light that I have struggled to communicate in word or image, but I think I’m getting closer here. I’m liking the subtle swirls of pale yellow. What I’m not liking is the way the trees look big & clumsy, hand-like instead of….well, tree-like. I just can’t seem to get the hang of the way the branches angle off the trunk. Any advice out there?


I also really wanted to add a prayer that I just love, but I cannot find correct attribution yet, and I don’t want to publish it anywhere without correct attribution. So that’s have to wait until I can do a little more research.

Onto Week 5!


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