What would you do?

My husband, David, is an English as a Second Language/English for Speakers of Other Languages teacher. He has wonderful (adult) students who are very sweet, and often give him gifts.

This Christmas, we received a very special gift from David’s student, Zinmar, who is an Karen woman from Burma. She not only sews, but she weaves her own gorgeous fabric. She had a gift for each of us: David received a (second) traditional Karen tunic, Sam received a sweet little pants & tunic set, and this was mine, addressed as such: IMG_6196[2]

I went on a little Facebook rant about people addressing holiday cards to “Mrs. David Ourlastname”, but when it comes to David’s students giving me amazing gifts, they can call me whatever they like, including “David…wife”.


Problem: I am not a “dress” person. I feel just like this awesome picture I saw of Ellen Page one time, before she came out & when she was still “finding her style”:


You see how uncomfortable she looks? Well, me too. But a wise friend of mine suggested I put the dress on & take a photo of myself in it (although it didn’t fit, because Zinmar flatters me, and definitely made the dress for a smaller imagined version of David’s wife), and then I’d be free to do what I wish with it. So…


Thank you, Zinmar. And now….

I took it all apart. Carefully, respectfully, as if it were precious, which it is. When I was finished, I ended up with several small pieces (collars, sleeves) and several large body pieces. I put a zig-zag stitch around all the edges that weren’t finished off from weaving:


And now I have a beautiful stack of woven material that I would say is the weight & feel of a linen. So, readers, what would you do with such beautiful material? Journal covers? A very special quilt? Can you make a quilt with woven linen like this? Do tell.

IMG_6556  IMG_6533


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