Journal 52: Weeks 5-8

Woah! Am I behind on my posting or what?! I’ve been keeping up with the actual prompts, maybe a week or two behind at any given moment, but I haven’t been doing a very good job of sharing. So here’s an update to rectify that situation.


The Week 5 prompt was television.  I thought it would be fun to paint a test pattern, all those bright bold colors next to each other in an arrangement I wouldn’t necessarily pick myself. I tried watercolor, but it didn’t go so well, so I went to acrylics:


Week 6 was windows.  For some reason, I struggled with this one, and eventually came up with this uglyinteresting page. I was pretty happy with the lettering, though. And how curtain-like that paper looks.



Week 7’s prompt was valentine’s, in honor of Valentine’s Day (see how late I am?!) I like the doodled partial-mandala in the lower left corner.  Not sure what happened with that kitten, though.


Week 8 was aromatherapy, and I chose one of my favorite incenses from a sampler of my favorite brand.  I was also reading Sita’s Ramayana, a beautifully illustrated graphic novel by Samhita Arni (Text), and Moyna Chitrakar (Illustrator). Chitrakar’s art is in the style of traditional Indian Patua scrolls, and I just thought it was so beautiful I wanted to try my hand at some of the stylized trees in watercolor. I gessoed the page first, because I used a cheap cardstock for this journal.


More next time!


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