Pamphlet Stitch Journals

When I made my Journal52, I tried pamphlet stitch, and I wasn’t entirely happy with it.  Nevertheless, I was reading The Little Book of Book Making by Charlotte Rivers, and got inspired to try again.



I was much happier with the results this time. I think it helped that I followed the written tutorial AS I bound the book, and not from my shabby memory. This journal took me several failed attempts, wherein I made the duct tape spine too narrow, the tissue paper & cardboard covers did not come out the way I wanted, and I grew disenchanted with the cardstock I used for the signatures. Still, a good low-stakes “practice” run, and my plan was only ever to keep it in the car, so I’d always have something to doodle on. I’m sure it’ll do just fine.


That came together with such quickness & such little fuss that I decided to try pamphlet stitch for the “higher stakes” journal I was planning to make.  I used a lovely San Francisco-themed gift bag (over cardboard) as the cover for this one: IMG_7173[1]


The pamphlet stitch came together quickly again, and I’m happy with the results. I gave this one to my husband David, who recently expressed an interest in art journaling with me. It has some nice watercolor paper.




I feel like it’s two new art journals for the “price” (time) of one. But I think I still like the look of long stitch better. Thank goodness there’s a whole world of stitches out there!



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