Matching sewn art journals

Over the holidays, an old friend of mine was in town and we were able to introduce each other to our new-ish baby (me) and partner (her).  While we were talking, she mentioned that she’d like to start an art journal, and I was so happy to see her, that I started putting together a journal for her. I was trying a new technique for me, creating art journal pages from patchwork-sewn papers, so I decided to work in a series: one for me (the tester, haha) and one for her.

When I first met her all those years ago, she was playing “Les Mis” music in marching band.



I tried to include a variety of papers: calendars, children’s books, vintage encyclopedia entries, etc. Most have some significance to each of us–things we like(d), things that reminded me of either of us.  I also included some blank watercolor paper.




I liked how it came out, but I have yet to see what it’s like to work in them. I think the zigzag stitch sewing is going to add an interesting texture challenge!







Some pages I like just the way they are. I decided to mail both of them to her, and in my journal, I put a bold dotted line around anything I wanted to keep as the original. Anything else, I invited her to alter & send back.


I put a dotted line around this bird silhouette, for sure.



In a future post I’ll share some photos & info about the binding. For now, I’m gonna get these into the mail!


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