Matching art journals, part 2

Last time I showed the inside of my first attempts at making art journals with sewn pages. This time I can reveal more about how they came out (and hopefully they’ve reached their destination by now)!



For the cover of mine, I used nothing more venerable than a tissue box with a pattern that I liked, reinforced with the cover of the pad of watercolor paper I used on the inside. For my friend’s, I worked a little harder, covering cardboard with a really nice repurposed wrapping paper.  And again, I added a button with some embroidery thread to wrap around it, because done properly, a collaged & painted & played-in art journal gets fat & puffy & juicy and might need a closure to keep it together!




I used longstitch, my favorite before I figured out pamphlet stitch a little better.  The spines are made of duct tape, which is flexible & that’s kind of nice, but really, it’s because it’s so easy. I haven’t figured out a glued spine that I like yet.



I decorated the spine of hers with a friendship bracelet.  I kept mine plain for now, but I’ve also decorated my spines with more paint, or paper beads, or even little feathers I collect. We’ll see where this one goes.


You can see the different types of paper nicely in this shot. You might also be able to squint & see that with my friend’s journal, I tried to round the corners of the pages. I didn’t bother with mine.



Glamor shot! And now they’re completely out into the world. Huzzah!



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