Art Journal Flip Part 1



Welcome! This is my first art journal “flip” on this little blog.  It’s my most recent completely art journal, worked on from September 2014-March 2015, which I eventually named…



And why? Well, it feels like there’s an awful lot of pages/activities/work that just petered out. Or is sitting and waiting for me to return. I work in fits & starts, with great big pauses and deep breaths in between. That’s my process, and I’m starting to embrace that.

It’s also a quirky journal, in that I decided to experiment with the cover material and use a “vintage” plastic shopping bag (do plastic shopping bags become vintage?!) from a local shoe store that doesn’t have stores at either of those locations anymore. I didn’t love it, but I’m glad I used it, because I’d been keeping it in my materials stash to “do something with” forever, and now it’s used and being carried around for all those months and enjoyed, so that’s better than sitting on a shelf somewhere, right?






These little studies were influenced by quilting, which I’m always meaning to do more of. I thought it might be interesting to take photographs and distill them into interesting color blocks. Like it says, “Some things work & some things don’t. Can you tell the difference?” (I think so. I’d say the second page would make a better quilt than any of the studies on the first.)  Also, I was so excited to “find my font”–I think I went back to write the words on this a few weeks after I actually did the studies. Very exciting breakthrough, finding one’s font…



I also got some interesting (to me) ideas while sitting in Quaker Meeting, which we attend occasionally, and I wish even more. I also decided to start working with lettering a little with the name of the month. A good practice to go back and remember what was when, because I don’t otherwise date pages, usually.


This was definitely influenced by Alisa Burke, who shares lovely peeks of her art journals, including this technique of making a wash outline, and the love of Sharpies. I drew this on a sunny, warm day, sitting by myself in a construction site while our postpartum doula watched Sam, feeling like the luckiest sonofabitch in the world.


This one I would say was influenced by Connie Solera over at Dirty Footprints Studio.  I tried to paint fearlessly, intuitively, and I ended up with this. Not sure what it’s all about, but I love that cauldron.


Trying to convince myself…


Fun. One pattern at a time.

  IMG_6973 IMG_6974

Gesture drawings, with bedsheet-inspired bittersweet branch watercolor doodles on top, and a door that never got taped in….so much unfinished business….


Last but not least, a color chart. Because sometimes it’s fun to be methodic, and make the most of my crappy kid’s quality watercolors. I’m slowly graduating to “grown-up” watercolors! But I think you can still do a lot with these, and I found some pleasant surprises in there. And it’s interesting to see how the overall palette leans toward brwon or green or whatever. I got the idea to mix Crayola & Prang later, so maybe next art journal…


Til next time!


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