Art Journal Flip Part 2

Here I am today, with another art journal flip!

Lots of experimenting, like usual. Haven’t found my footing just yet, but maybe like Austin Kleon says (although more eloquently than I’m saying it here), you don’t have to worry so much about your body of work being cohesive; the thing that connects it is that you made it.


So, here’s a(n unfinished business) zendoodle and a collaged pig picture….

A style I was trying out from a back issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, inspired by an in-depth interest in the works of George Harrison….


Sketching over & under collage & paint….


Inspiration from Ms. Mary Ann Moss over at Dispatch From L.A…


Testing out meditation techniques with circle-making, blowing up patterns…


Testing out supplies, craft paint vs. student-grade acrylics, what’s good for what….


Trying to, and not quite succeeding at, drawing my chubby baby sitting up like a Buddha…


Birds of prey plue Ke$ha lyrics equals…???






Lots of testing, playing, color…many mediums, styles, techniques….I haven’t found much of a common thread except that it’s my work. And that’s enough for me.


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