New Art Journal!

Well, since I’ve finished filled up Unfinished Business, it’s time for a new art journal.  Actually, I’ve long since learned that the scarcity monster starts rearing it’s ugly head toward the end of my journals if I don’t have another waiting in the wings, and my production slowwwwws to a crawl, a plodding. So I’ve had this one ready for a while.


I used half a pad of Canson XL watercolor paper, 9″ x 12″.  That’s 5 signatures of 3 pages each, for a total of 60 pages, or 28 spreads and 2 single pages, depending how you’re counting.

That’s whiskers and a cat snout photobombing on the left.


For the cover, I used a fabulous old discarded book from the library free bin. Definitely made to be tough, and it sewed through beautifully, longstitch. Bonus–the book itself was a biography of a Confederate general, so that nonsense made its way to the recycling bin.


I started out collaging a card & a stamp (a 1 cent bobcat, or maybe lynx) I liked onto the inside cover, and playing with watercolor dots and my new Sharpie brush pen. I’m really trying to work on lettering.


And then….the paper started feeling too precious. I mean, I only used half of a $6 pad of paper and a free library book cover, so really, it shouldn’t be making me nervous, but it’s pretty nice watercolor paper, much better than the kind I’d been using in Unfinished Business.

At the same time, I’d started making some patchwork paper (more on that soon), to use up some scraps of paper I had that I never really liked. The more I sewed them together, the more I liked them. Throw in some funky duct tape I found at the dollar store, and voila:


A nice little insert, which I didn’t feel at all bad about “wasting” on a mandala doodle. (There’s that scarcity monster again! Who’s to say that using up every single piece of “nice” watercolor paper with a mandala doodle is “wasting” it??!?)


So I was able to make my peace with this new journal, getting into the swing of it, knowing I had higher quality and lower quality papers to play with. Feeling a little freer already. Maybe time to play around with some representational acrylic painting…



Now that feels good! RROOOOAAAAARRR!


2 thoughts on “New Art Journal!

  1. Wasting the good paper…that is such a bonding feeling. It is crazy.
    There is nothing like a new journal. Or like a finished one. That is a glorious creation. All those juicy pages brimming with you.

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