Art Journal Flip Part 3

Well, how’s this for fitting–I ended up with some unfinished business on Unfinished Business! I shared a flip, part 1, and a flip, part 2, and then our computer went on the fritz and I didn’t get back here to share the final part 3 til now. So here we go!

I’m not sure where I first heard of this technique, but it’s a little like scrying with paint: you make wet-on-wet blobs and then when it’s dry, see what you can see.  This was just the colors, no black, when I saw a face first (I think that’s what the brain wants to go to), then the greater shape of somebody kneeling. Pretty sure I was reading a Terry Pratchett book at the time too, so I had wizards on my mind. And there we are.


These are my attempts at sigils. Heh.

Another wet-on-wet experiment, this time with a plan to doodle some flowers. The words came to me later, when thinking on a problem.




Some more stacked journaling. I love how this came out, with the watercolor heart translucent through the writing. It seems a little bare, like legible words should be on there too, but I couldn’t find any at the time. Unfinished business, I tell you.


I painted a little glass figurine that I’ve played with at my grandmother’s for years. Decades. And it just occurred to me recently, long after I knew who Bast was, that it was not “just a cat”.


So, as you can tell, I’m constantly trying new things, testing my footing, looking for my path, insert metaphor here. I haven’t “found my style” yet, but I will say, this is one of my favorite types of art journal spreads, “The Hodgepodge”:


Again, I felt like there should be some words, but damned if I knew what they were. In the meantime, I blocked out where they should go, and the paint smeared to my face.






Obviously out of order! This alien was an acrylic “intuitive painting”, and he was supposed to be cleverly looking through a telescope, but instead it sort of looks like he’s putting a needle in his eye. Which, eek.






A playing around page that was inspired by a long-ago post by iHanna.


I painted one of my grandmother’s chairs, then added some catalog decorations I liked that happened to be hanging in front of a window. So, I drew a room around them, and no room is complete around these parts without a cat, this one cut from a Tomie dePaola book.






Well, that’s about all the pages worth sharing from Unfinished Business. Of course, there are lots more that are, of course, unfinished. If I ever revisit, I’ll be sure to update you. Til next time!


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