Handbound Writing Journals

Journaling is something I’ve done for a long time, and something that I absolutely love. I have a journal (more like a day-to-day diary) from when I was 6, but my actual journals start at age 12. I’ve used them to record events, thoughts, feelings, and to be a sort of companion during my more lonely teen years. In 2001 I started keeping a Livejournal, and found that to be a great way to make and keep in touch with friends both far & near. I even met my husband on Livejournal! For some reason, though, I still find this blogging thing to be difficult…

My favorite benefit of journaling is that it helps me sort out my brain.  Ever since reading the famous The Artist’s Way last year, I’ve made an effort to do it “Morning Pages” style. I’ve also found it to be helpful to do my Morning Pages first, then do some meditation. If I get everything out of my brain beforehand, it quiets my monkey mind.

Even though I’ve been keeping journals since I was a kid, I didn’t try my hand at making my own until last year. I’ve tried a lot of different styles over the past couple years.


 You can see I’ve sort of hit my stride with my binding technique in the last few. These are in chronological order, from left to right.IMG_7268[1]

Here’s my latest handbound writing journal. I used Sea Lemon’s long stitch binding tutorial for this one.  I find it so helpful to be able to watch a video of someone teaching it while I try my hand. If I try to watch & then go do it on my own, I often forget/leave out part of the process. Thank goodness for the internet, huh?


A fun little detail:

Eating berries!

When I got them together for this post, I counted them and came up with this one being #13.


Here’s another look at the inside covers. It’s a two-page spread of woodcarvings from an old book, and so the covers actually match.


I’ll share my other journals in a future post!


3 thoughts on “Handbound Writing Journals

  1. Very lovely. I love Sea Lemon’s tutorials… I’ve tried my hand at her art tutorials (patterns and such) but have never tried book binding!

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