Handbound Writing Journals, Part 2

I showed you my motley crew of handbound writing journals last time, and I thought it might be fun to look a little more closely at their covers.

This is my first batch in 2012. I started off trying coptic stitch, which I never could properly figure out. I’ve read many a tutorial, and followed along step-by-step in front of a video, but mine always ends up loose and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I eventually switched to longstitch. These were “laminated” with clear packaging tape, which ended up being a mess and so I ditched it for painted papers. The cover on the right was Sharpie-decorated, but that wore off the packaging tape 😦


In 2013 I made even more journals. I really started experimenting. By the end of that green one, it was partially an art journal. I also bought a roll of red rosin paper, inspired by Traci Bunkers, who uses them in her handbound art journals, and they do take paint very nicely, as Regina Lord at Creative Kismet showed in this post.  “Harbinger” was a combination art journal & writing journal, but I didn’t want to use so much art journaling space writing, so I’d write on loose leaf paper and staple them in. That’s around the time I decided to separate writing from art journals. So you see, this isn’t an exact science. Ha.

And then by the red one, I’d decided I’d put lower-level non-art journal sketches into my writing journal. I’m still figuring it out.

I made this raptor stencil. I was seeing them everywhere, circling overhead. My grandfather was dying that year. There was a constant harbinger of things to come in the air.


I think that’s the nicest back cover I’ve ever made. I cut the stencil out of plastic transparency sheets.

These two were made with red rosin paper I used to cover my table and wipe off excess paint. I still use that to cover my journals. Makes a lovely background, and makes me feel like nothing is wasted.



And last but not least, a paste paper cover. I’d like do some more of that!


Coming soon: My last year and a half of journals!


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