Journal 52: Weeks 12-14

Yes, I’m still working on my Journal 52! I’m almost always a week or two behind when I’m working on it, and about a month behind on sharing, but it’s filling up–over a quarter of the year down!

My Handmade Journal 52

Week 1

Week 2

Weeks 3 & 4

Weeks 5-8

Weeks 9-11

Whew! And that brings us up to Week 12, an inspiration board. We’ll be moving soon, and I’m hoping to decorate in a midcentury modern style. I was just playing with some elements/colors/furniture I like here:



Didn’t overthink it, b/c I was feeling that sinking feeling of being so behind that I was worried I’d give up. So instead, I did something that is hard for me; I pushed through and did something less than (my own idea of) perfect, but good enough and Something is Better Than Nothing. What is the quote I’m looking for? Anyone know?


Week 13’s prompt, Spring Cleaning, also made me think of our moving venture, and also babyproofing for our 11-month old. That’s how we’re cleaning this spring: when Sam can reach something, it gets packed! And there’s sorting through everything we own, hopefully moving only the good stuff to our new home. Spring cleaning indeed.


Week 14 was Sweet Treats, and this one is a bit of a story for me. First, I’ll show you the page, and I’ll give you a few scrolling seconds to guess what candy is my favorite….















Did anyone guess Sour Patch Kids? It’s an abstraction, for sure. It was inspired by a painting called Neuf for Modoc by Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds I saw when we visited the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem, OR. I loved how the white shapes floated over the patches of color, and I tried it out in this art journal spread back then, using drug store tempera paints that were the most opaque paints available to me at the time (!):






What a side trip down memory lane, huh? I’m tickled that I’ve now started to amass enough of a backlog of work to look at old stuff and try it again in a new application.

Til next time, friends !



2 thoughts on “Journal 52: Weeks 12-14

  1. Moving! I hope your new place is wonderful. We’re in the process of buying a house. This weekend, I learned that there are special clips that prevent kids from toppling over the stove. Whoa.

    1. There’s so much babyproofing to do! We have an old-style TV that they don’t even sell babyproofing straps for, so we had to buy special earthquake straps for it. Silly baby, stop tryin’ to hurt yourself!

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