Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day is my first as the mother of a baby living “on the outside”. Sam was born May 30, 2104, and last Mother’s Day our Friends at Quaker Meeting gave us a lovely party. But in 2013, I was grieving. I had two miscarriages in 2012. It seemed like I was surrounded by babies expected to be born around the time ours had been due. My own mother had been dead for 10 years. My grandfather was on the road to dying, and I had so much wanted to share our baby with him. It was a very hard Mother’s Day.


Everyone’s circumstances are different; there are so many people who have hard Mother’s Days.  For us, I believed we had hope, and I feel so lucky that that’s how it turned out. After Sam was born, I prayed, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,” and I don’t know that I’ve stopped. Whenever I think about it, about what a long, hard road it was, how lucky we were that he got here at all, I say “Thank You” again. And to everyone who is having a hard Mother’s Day, I’m sending extra empathy & strength & peace your way.


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