Handbound Writing Journals, Part 3

Are you caught up with Handbound Writing Journals Part 1 and Part 2? If not, check ’em out and let me know what you think, and then come back here so we can look at



Huh. I guess I didn’t make as many, but I certainly wrote a lot. I think the difference was that I separated out my art & my writing, and I increased my signatures to 8 per journal instead of just 6.

I just loved this cover. I was pregnant & meditating a lot, and I think all that good centeredness made its way into my art.


Even the back cover is beautiful, staying strong through an ill-fated experiment with embroidering cardboard:


A pretty decent cover. It’s an interesting exercise to find a pleasing composition when I’m using the excess paint paper.


This one has some of that “scrying” thing, where I looked for shapes in paint. I found a bird, some angels, and a dude wearing some weird hat or something. I named it informally “The Book of Sam”, because it’s the journal I was writing in when I gave birth to my son.


And lastly, we’ll jump into 2015. This is my penultimate journal, where I started putting a large animal on the randomly-painted background.


Sometimes, the details are surprisingly fun:


Lastly, I want to show you a very special helper in my artistic process. This is our cat Julian, whom my husband has decided is a special breed called a “Schmoolian”, and he enjoys biting the corners of every single one of my journals. In fact, I noticed that some of them did not have his distinct “Schmoolianization”, and lo and behold, they’re all the journals that I started before we adopted him in 2013! Here he is helping with this post, and showing off his work:



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