Journal 52: Weeks 15-17

More Journal 52! I feel like I’m finally getting caught up over here!

Week 15’s prompt: Cards. I decided to make greeting cards, specifically, all the cards I never sent to a friend I lost. It was a little therapeutic, and it also adds another puffy page of texture to my fat little Journal 52.


Gettin’ puffy!
Week 16, Collage Crazy, ended up being my favorite so far, by a long shot. I keep trying to identify what it is I liked so much better about it–the bold graphic elements? The colors? More white space? All of those things? I’d love to hear what you think!



Week 17’s prompt was Treasure, so I pushed myself to use some of the stuff in my stash I’d been saving for something “special enough”, which really meant that it has been sitting in my stash for a long time, being sadly unused. I just love the braided embroidery thread on the right; it has an adhesive backing that I’d saved for so long that it was losing it’s stick.  Can’t have that. Also, I used some papers I really liked and painted a symbol of the heart chakra.



Almost caught up!


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