Journal52: Weeks 18 & 19

Hi, all! I’m so proud of myself—I’m finally “caught up” in my Journal52! Yay!  I enjoyed these past couple weeks.


Week 18’s prompt was Observations.  Here’s how I interpreted that: I tried to make patterns from my surroundings.  I used objects I could see (observe) in my living room. From the outside row in are some cabinet doors, a drawer pull, a candleholder, the circles are the bottom of a basket we put toys in, the arrow-things are a part of our coffee table, and the centerpieces are the motifs & blades of our ceiling fan (although I colored them green, and they are most certainly not green!)



Week  19’s prompt was Go Outside, which I loved because I love going outside, and I carry my art journal & a small bag of supplies with me most of the time anyway. I decided to bring some of the outside into my Journal52 by hammering some flowers. It bled through a little to week 18’s spread, and mangled the pages, and I can’t say I was that pleased with the result. But, I enjoyed the experience—hunting for good flowers, hammering away in the village green on Mother’s Day, with my baby scribbling with my watercolor crayons nearby. And I really tried hard with the lettering, after being inspired by the latest post in Megan Wells’ lettering series on Alisa Burke’s blog. I think that part came out the best.


Trying to learn new things about my journaling as I go, to try new experiments but to also work harder on refining what I like about my pages, and recreating that in a more cohesive style. How do you balance trying new things and practicing your “thing”?



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