Art Journaling Lately

Hello to anyone who found this through Julie Balzer’s Art Journal Every Day linky list! Here are some things I’ve been working on in my art journal:


Half-finished watercolor building…Not sure that I really enjoy working on buildings. I want to, but I don’t. Hrmmm…




I also tried to draw some flowers, both from life and then just doodling. In the still life, I eventually gave up drawing with the pencil and just used the brush to paint directly. I liked that better.


Pattern! Now patterns I love! I used the tape on the right to inspire the doodle on the left.


I really like looking for pattern inspiration in things that are not necessarily already purposely patterns. Like this picture of fish in National Geographic:



Which inspired this pattern:


Again, “just” doodling.

I’ve been doing a more conscious study of tree structure, since my clumsy, hand-like attempt for Journal 52 Week 4. Also, trying to figure out a good blue using the cheaper watercolors I currently have.



And I tried to get to the point where I could draw a tree from memory, but still, not quite there. But this one is going to be covered with wrapping paper leaves, so it doesn’t matter quite so much:


What are you working on?


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