Patchwork Paper


Some of my favorite art journal artists sew paper on their sewing machines. Tammy Garcia at Daisy Yellow often uses this technique, and iHanna took it to an interesting place, sewing paper almost as if it were a quilt block, in pretty strips. Hanna also has a ton of resources for paper-sewing inspiration on her post.  And of course, there’s Mary Ann Moss’ Sewn & Remains of the Day classes, which someday when I do not have a toddler, I *WILL* find the time to take!

I’ve sewn paper a few times, and found it enjoyable. It’s a nice way to extend the use of needles, past when they’re good for fabric. And it’s also a nice way to use paper that you’re not that fond of, like this scrapbooking paper:



I also had some dye charts from an art supply catalog, and that made a nice addition:


But mostly, I just wanted to use some papers that weren’t getting a lot of love, and I ended up liking them combined a lot more than individually.


Now I have to figure out where to use them! I’ve already inserted one into my latest art journal as a “lower-risk” doodle paper. What else can you think of for them?





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