Art Journaling This Week

Hi, all! If you’re here visiting from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s AJED, howdy! That’s where I get most of my views, honestly, but I’m really hoping to make friends & become part of the art journaling community, so please, won’t you say hi in the comments?  I promise to write back.

Now, for art journaling goodness!

I’ve been working on lettering, inspired in part by Alisa Burke’s blog series by Megan Wells of Makewells. You can tell that I tried to use that style of art journaling background here, also using the techniques I learned in one of Alisa Burke’s classes. I’m still not happy with my lettering, but…I guess that means I know what work is ahead of me!


What I do like about this spread is that I made a “mistake”, and found a work-around: the first part of the quote is much too large for the page, so I made a black block and wrote the rest smaller, in white. I think that balances it out a little, although… like I said, more work ahead.


I also practiced my lettering on this spread, part of which I showed you last week:


I did a little bit of collage, too. Scraps, but it was fun. The background is scribbles, done by….Sam, my almost-1-year-old! On Mother’s Day we went to the village green, and I put a crayon in his hand for the second time, and he had a much higher scribbling-to-eating ratio this time 😉 So cool. And there’s a hammered flower in there too, which actually came out better than it did on the cardstock of my Journal 52 Week 19 spread.


And I made this spread on Mother’s Day, with a quote that expresses what motherhood is to me.


Thanks for reading. I hope some of you say hello!


11 thoughts on “Art Journaling This Week

  1. I really like the quotes you chose. I know not everyone would agree, but I think Amelia is right on. I have the hardest time making big decisions, but once I commit to something I will stick through hell and high water to see it through.

    1. Thank you! And thanks for commenting! If you want to be friends on Goodreads, my email is coldinaugust at gmail dot com. I read mostly nonfiction, but I’m half-heartedly trying to correct that, so I’m interested in learning about the fiction reads that people who choose similar nonfiction to my likes also liked. And I see a feminist blog link and The New Jim Crow on your blog, so awesome, I want to know what type of fiction you’re into! The quote is interesting…I’m not sure if I agree either, although I guess it can be interpreted that continuing to act is a decision each action, if that makes sense…I dunno, but I know I wanted to think about it more, and what better way than writing it, very slowly, word-for-word. Haha.

  2. Wow, you’ve been busy! I love your lettering. The mistake turned out to be genius! the black block with the dfferent style really makes it all pop. I love it when that happens, sometimes our mistakes turn into favourite pieces. Love the quote too.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I’m heading over to check out your blog right now. I agree; it’s very redeeming when mistakes turn into favorites! I found an unexpectedly interesting source for quotes was in The Week, a weekly news journal that summarizes the other news journals (Time, Newsweek, etc.)

  3. Looks good. I, too, am inspired by Alisa Burke and the hand lettering series that Meg from Makewells posted on her site. Yours looks great; I haven’t had a chance to try it myself yet! Soon though! Thanks for sharing your process.

  4. Love your pages! I’m visiting because you left a lovely comment on my blog. I really like your first journal spread. I agree with your quote! I think about doing a lot of things instead of just doing them!

  5. Hmmm…I started a comment but it was swept away. Let’s try that again! I was saying that I like how you fixed your first spread….the black box with the lettering is my favorite part of the page. And I like the colors in your background.

    1. Oh my goodness; I just saw this! WordPress marked both of your lovely comments as spam. I’m so sorry! Thanks so much. I agree; the white-on-dark thing is one of my favorites to do, and I think the lettering there came out best of all.

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