Journal 52: Week 21 & Other Art Journaling This Week

Thanks to everyone who stopped by & said hello! It’s so good to know I’m not just posting into the void!

It feels weird to be on the current week on my Journal 52! I think this is the earliest I’ve ever finished. Week 21 was a Top Ten List, and this is what I came up with:



Back in my “regular” art journal, I was inspired by Mary Ann Moss at Dispatch from L.A. to buy & draw my very own pineapple. And then I forgot I used a water-soluble pen, and tried to watercolor over it. Amateur!

IMG_7959 (2)
It ripened before I could try again.


I taped in another signature of patchwork paper to make this doodle:


And made this simple little collage, with some of my painted paper stash that I’ve been half-heartedly been trying to sort through before moving day:


I’ll leave you with a work in progress. I started it in a wild mood, and got down to using my fingers for part of it. I have to admit, it felt raw & it felt good. Maybe that’s the best kind of art journaling.



2 thoughts on “Journal 52: Week 21 & Other Art Journaling This Week

  1. I don’t think I’ve seen this Journal 52 project before; looks like a fun challenge! Thanks for the peeks into your journal. I like your pineapple drawing, water-soluble pen, notwithstanding! 🙂

    1. This is the other comment marked as spam! Silly wordpress. Yes, Journal52 is a cool idea, and I definitely am enjoying having a weekly prompt challenge, a place to share it, and then a growing collection of prompted art journal entries. I submitted the pineapple drawing to a tumblr called “icanartjournal”, a sort of motivational “you don’t have to be perfect to make art” kind of blog. I provide many good examples, heh.

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