Sam’s Birthday Crown

Today’s project is very special indeed–a birthday crown for my 1-year-old!

You can google “birthday crown” and get a ton of different results, and I sort of cobbled together what I thought I could do with my materials & skill level. I first made a birthday crown about two years ago, for a friend’s daughter. Here are the plans for that:


But I didn’t completely remember the instructions, and I sometimes feel the need to reinvent the wheel, so I sketched this out, complete with new color palette:


The hardest part, honestly, was the turning the elastic tube inside-out. I want to sew more than I actually do, so when it comes to things like this, I’m often flummoxed. I kind of just pulled & pulled til it happened…


This was the fun part–crown construction! I embroidered some stitches on the jewels…


And then I painted on his name.  Ta-da!


And THEN I put it on my not-such-a-baby!



Happy birthday, Sam!



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