Art Journaling This Week

First out of the gate, I’m most excited about this bit of drawing that I was pretty pleased about:


It’s my 1-year-old (!) Sam, who is only still enough to draw when he’s asleep in his carseat.  The watercoloring in this, I’m not sure. I feel like it still sort of falls into the “flat” category.  I tried with shadows & contrast, but I’m still working it out…

This piece, although obviously no masterpiece, came out with watercolor values that I was really pleased with.  That’s supposed to be a bee there…


I’m at once feeling like I’m figuring some things out, like my “personal palette” of colors I prefer:


And still floundering, not feeling called to create the ubiquitous fairies & girls of mixed media, and so my cranky fairy appears:


I feel called to darker, messier work, to abstracts that don’t necessarily have a focus. I have such a hard time coming up with a focus. This mess is still in the “ugly” phase, and I want to push through, I really do, but I’m scrambling. I’m not even sure if it’s one page or two separate. Thoughts?


And here’s a new mess, inspired in part by a couple videos by Mystele, where I started with collage:



Color scheme inspired by this advertisement that I liked, but never figured out how to use (til now):


And after a layer of paint to soften & blend, something is coming out….



So we’ll see. In the meantime, I’ll keep doing what I do, compulsively trying things & making things & doodling patterns to calm myself down. And someday, surely, something will come out…




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