iHanna’s Spring 2015 Postcard Swap–Complete!

In May I made a bunch of postcards in preparation for iHanna’s Spring 2015 Postcard Swap.  And now the “results” are in my mailbox, another 100% success rate (you pay only $7 for iHanna’s behind-the-scenes work and you’re all but guaranteed to receive all 10 of your postcard swaps). Check it out:

This was one of my favorites, by Johanna in South Florida. I loved the composition.



This fabulous postcard by Karen reminded me of peacocks:



I believe this was the first postcard I received, a patriotic number just in time for Memorial Day parade, which is the first gig I marched in with the 110-year-old Italian-American marching band I belong to! Thanks, Susan in California!



This next one by Ethel in Pennsylvania is made from beautiful paper that must be handmade, possibly hand dyed. I tried to get a closeup of the texture & colors, but I’m not sure I could do it justice.





Debbie Klein sent a postcard that was also a mini work of art from her artshareproject.com (coming soon). I’m excited to see what that involves!



Julia in Washington state sent this postcard, her first iHanna swap & an accurate description of my mailbox–“riots of color”, indeed!



Leada Wood in Texas sent this juicy postcard. I loved the layers, and tried to get a good detail shot of the great texture:





Eurika sent this lovely postcard, with a great message. I think it was hand-lettered, and I’ll ask her in my email (but I wanted to save it til I could send the link to this post, so I’ll have to edit that later!). And the pattern on the right is embossed, so it has a neat powdery feel to it.


Kathie in Colorado sent this postcard, another piece of art I can’t do justice with my photographs. The paint is a shimmery copper, and I just couldn’t catch the light accurately in these pictures, but it’s a special final touch.





And last but not least, Tonya sent a pretty piece of abstract art, with vivid watercolors (and maybe some pearlescent acrylic?). I tried to get closeups there too, but not sure I could edit the colors as vibrant as real life:





Look at all that art in my mailbox!  I feel lucky, and I’ll have to put them in my collection of mail art. Thanks so much, everyone! And if you have blogs that aren’t linked here, please let me know! I’d love to see more of your work.



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