ICAD Week 1

Hi, Readers, if you’re out there! I’d always love to hear from you. Are you doing Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-A-Day this year? This summer is going to be my second attempt; I tried once in 2013 and got through the month of June. That’s only halfway, and honestly, I can’t remember why I petered out.  The FAQ states: “The challenge is about the DOING and not the KEEPING or PRESERVING or ARCHIVING. It is the process of creating each day that matters.” Still, I enjoyed the time I spent on it and I’m eager to share my favorites from that year with you sometime next week.  And I’m committing to the challenge this year, and I AM gonna make it, a tiny creation every day. Yup yup yup.

So without further ado, here are my first 8 of the 2015!


Starting off with collage. Sometimes I feel like naming them, sometimes I don’t. The second one is named “Cohesive/Out of Focus”, a big concern I have about my art, that it’s neither cohesive nor has enough focal points.



By #3, it was becoming clear I was still floating off the high of both creating and receiving so much mail art, and was inadvertently making a mini-series of ICADs that look like mail. I’m kind of especially proud of #4, which was made in the passenger seat of a road trip, using only paper I could find in the car!


By #5, I was sort of losing interest in covering every square inch of the card in collage material, so the next day, I decided to open up to all that white space.


And so I tried to keep that momentum up, with #7 (which is actually a sewn paper with a flap that lifts to read “space”). I was practicing some brush lettering on my newsprint sketchbook, and the result was a bit of stacked writing that I thought would look nice as collage for #8.

And that brings us more or less to this week. I’ll hopefully have more to share with you soon, and I do have those ICADs from 2013. Let me know if you’re participating this year. I’d love to see!


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