Art Journaling This Week

A lot of add-on work this week. I finished this doodle; I found it quite comforting sitting there, dark background and then lines sketched out, waiting to be filled up like a workbook.



I also worked a little more on that lady pulling by the curtain in my multi-layer piece from last week:


Certainly not a draft I’m going to keep, but what an important layer, and lesson. I’m so resistant to the idea of layers that I’m going to cover up, not use, but I’m learning there’s truly a purpose to each layer, even if it’s just to tell you more about the direction of the final piece. This one told me that I was actually painting my mother. Interesting…



Tried working on a watercolor landscape at one of our local garden/hiking trails. I was later kind of disappointed in the bland composition, but I feel like I’m improving on using a better range of values, and being more daring with my shadows. And the stone wall came out in a way that pleased me. What do you think? In any case, I’m going to doodle a doily underneath it. Yup.

And last but not least, a special doodle on my baby’s first birthday:




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