ICAD 2013: Blast from the Past (Part 1)

I hope everyone who’s participating in  Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-A-Day is having fun! Here’s my first week of this year’s cards. But today, we’re time traveling! I want to show you some of my favorites from my attempt in 2013.


Sometimes I think I’m more of a conceptual artist than a real visual artist. I started ICAD2013 with an abstract series called “Logical Extension”. And here’s the explanation of that: my cat bit the corner of my first index card, so I extended the teeth marks in a diagonal line through the card. Also, I wanted to try a series of progressive layers, so I prepped a week’s worth of cards to look exactly like “Logical Extension #1”, and then each day added a new element onto the remainder. Day 2 was a Rex Ray-inspired collage shape.


On Day 3 I started to pull together something I liked, so on Day 4 (and 5, accidentally on one card), I challenged myself to push past that comfort zone. I, logically, ended up with something ugly (but nonetheless interesting; check out that combed gesso!)


Day 6 I added some words cut out of a book, and by Day 7 I was ready to shake things up again. I cut the card up, and glued it back onto a new card!


And Day 8 I really went bonkers and folded the whole thing into a tiny box, with the leftovers to be tucked inside. “Logical Extension Cubed”.


Not pretty, but pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I guess I like thinking outside the box—inside the box! LOL.


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