Hodge Podge

There’s some catch up work to share today!

First up is some mail art I received a couple weeks ago from Petrolpetal via the International Union of Mail Artists. I’ve received mail art from her before, a lovely tissue paper stamped or stenciled in gold ink. This time was similarly lovely, a neat collage of a scrambled Renaissance painting & another image, I think of an artist working on the ground.


And being international mail, it had a neat stamp:

IMG_8472 (2)


I’m still plugging away on Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-A-Day. I’ve been saving them for after we put the baby to bed. My guaranteed quiet time, since Daddy is on bedtime duty, although I’m often quite spent by that time. Which is why it’s a good time to have a regular practice; whether I “feel like it” or not, I get out the folder of my collage materials and start picking things out. Here’s what I came up with this week:


Feeling drawn to text lately, but not to work on lettering. Just…the words, slightly enigmatic, not pouring over them but letting them come to me.


And then I change it up, with no words. Tried a zendoodling thing, and didn’t love it, but you know what? That’s not the point, and I’m sure I’ll find things I did love about it at some point.


I’m loving dipping into my collage stash, especially the painted papers that were so fun to make, but I was afraid I’d ultimately never use them. Well, now I’m using them! And I had forgotten how much I liked them, the detail work I did in colored pencil layered on top of the acrylic. Exciting! Also, now I have a “reason” to make more (although, the reason that they were fun to make should have been enough to begin with).


Some detail shots:




In this one I tried to show the texture of that neat (junk mail envelope!) paper–those dots are raised.


Last but not least, my Journal52 update, Week 23: Small Success. Mercury was at the end of being in retrograde, and it felt like everything in both of our houses (we’re in moving limbo) was broken. I needed a small success, and I tried my hand at fixing the screen door handle that had been broken for months. And it worked (mostly)! The house on the left is our new house, the one on the right is our current home:


I think that’s about enough for one day, don’t you? Which ICAD collage was your favorite? Did you catch my pun in the Journal52 picture? Til next time….


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