Art Journaling This Week

Needing lots of white space and affirmations this week. I’ve been reading Creative Lettering by Jenny Doh and trying out some of the techniques.  Here’s an attempt at sort of randomly filling out the letters in different styles with an added watercolor background, from Aimee Dolich’s section:



I also used one of the tags I had from my leftover postcard paper. And I drew one of my doily doodles. I know how to crochet, and sometimes I like to doodle like I pretend I’m crocheting and use the same loop-type stiches.





This was a take on the color wheel by Lori Vliegen in her section of the book, with a caveat. I used watercolor for the shadows instead of smudged pencil. But my 1-year-old did some smudging of his own.


This one was one of Flora Chang’s exercises, with a quote by Pablo Picasso. Or maybe Vincent Van Gogh. I saw a lovely ICAD today that attributed the quote to the latter. That’s one of the reasons I previously stayed away from quotes; it seems so difficult and yet important to track down the correct attribution. So instead I usually use mottos of my own, like the one above. But here’s the Picasso/Van Gogh quote, which is a good sentiment no matter who said it:


More collage from my yummy painted paper collection:


And a hammered flower that came out much better than my Journal52 (probably because my art journal is proper watercolor paper). For all the headaches our new house is giving us, it sure has some nice perennial gardening. This was a rose:


And last but not least, some random sketchbook-y type stuff. A marker palette my son “picked out” (some markers he grabbed that were nice colors together), and a quick pattern & pine tree I painted during one of his car naps.





Sneaking art in wherever I can these days. How about you?


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