ICAD 2013: Blast from the Past (Part 2)

Last week I shared some of my Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-A-Day from 2013. You know, waaaay back when I didn’t have a blog. Haha. Today I have some more blasts from the past, and I wanted to review for my own sake what I like & didn’t like about them. You’re welcome to share your comments! It’s old work, and more of a “process over product” kind of project, so it doesn’t feel as vulnerable. Critique away!


The top collage is a little muddy, and must have been when I was starting to run out of steam, because it’s not a very intentional collage; it’s mostly the paper I use to line my desk & wipe off excess paint, and also glue scraps onto. I’m not sure if there was any “new” work on this.  The second piece is from June 19, and I was trying to figure out ways to blend the “transition zones”, and tie the piece together. I kind of like the crayon scribbles. Every time I use crayon, I enjoy it so much, in such a primal, nostalgic, “my first art supply” kind of way, but I get annoyed that it rubs off on the adjacent pages of my art journal. Not a problem here.


June 21 & 22, Midsummer themed, of ferns and flowers and the woods and bright sun. I like how I tried it a couple different ways. And I like that yellow crayon over everything as sunlight.


And now onto a completely opposite cool colors palette! I remember being disappointed with these at the time; the stitching didn’t come out like I wanted, the gesso didn’t pick up the orange bag texture the way I wanted, the magic marker didn’t look as much like watercolor as I hoped. But it’s experimental stuff, and now I love that bottom one, and it’s so much like scales that I kind of want to use it as a collaged mermaid tail or iguana or something.


More collage. I really love making collages, and yet, I feel like I….shouldn’t? in my art journal. Or something? Like, the paper is too nice to use for that? Or something else that I can’t even express? I don’t know why I don’t do a lot more of this thing that I really like to do, but I always end up having an existential crisis around it, like why, what do I do with all these collages, and the answer is pretty much the same as for all the rest of my art, but it feels more…indulgent? Lots of question marks, lots of questions I can’t answer. But saying (typing) it out loud makes me realize just how dumb it sounds, and makes me want to start filling art journals with nothing but collage pages. And maybe I will.


With my handcut raptor stencil! Let me tell you, no easy feat with an exacto knife. But it got a lot of use that year that the raptors kept circling overhead, death having come, death on its way. It was a dark year, but I actually really like raptors, and they’re not a negative symbol at all for me. Even vultures, especially vultures, who scavenge and get a bad rap, but they serve a vital purpose in the ecosystem and they’re really freaking cool. Their primary form of defense is barfing at their enemies. Pretty badass.

Annnywho, that’s what I was up to in 2013. How about you? Wanna time travel with me?



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