ICAD Week 3

Still going strong on Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-A-Day !  I’m feeling confident that I can do it this year!  It wasn’t a conscious decision, but I’ve definitely been happy doing mostly collage.  (Here are Week 1 & Week 2 if you want to peek back.)

This week I did a little bit of experimentation. Started out with the usual:

IMG_8694 (2)


Then I started to switch it up a little…


And then I really went nuts. All that white space made me start to itch toward more layered & complicated, so I glued a bunch of stuff down. Covered it up with a dry brushed layer of paint. Drew on top of that. Ended up with a jumble.


And that’s okay! That’s what this is for. Not my favorite card, but there are still things I learned from it, and I might just reference back to some of the techniques later. Esp that cutout on the left. Those were remainders of the lotus petals from the previous day. They really added some neat texture, especially after the layer of paint over them.

On Midsummer I tried to recreated the colors of my Midsummer 2013 cards:


And by the end of the week, I would say I was back to the stride I’d hit previously:



It’s really helping me to make something every day, to learn more about my style and the things I come back to. I’ve had such a hard time with that, and now I’m starting to see that I like certain compositions, grids mostly; that I prefer handpainted papers to, say, magazine cutouts; that I like putting words in a scribbled oval; and I really like letting the words come to me, and knowing that it’s about quantity & gettin’ it done, and so it’s not so precious & important to come up with the “perfect” words (if that’s even possible).

Okay, I’m off to make my nightly card! Which one was your favorite this week?


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