Put a paper pieced bird on it!

I wasn’t interested in paper piecing when I first learned about it. It wasn’t until I saw the book Backyard Bird Quilts by Jodie Davis that I was really inspired to give it a go.

Of course, I like to learn things the hard way. When I first started quilting, I was VERY resistant to pressing. I would try to finger press, or just not care about lumpy seams, and I don’t think it was until I tried paper piecing that I was sold. I just didn’t see how an iron could fit into a hobby. I tried my first bird, the simple cardinal pattern, without ironing, then with, and lo & behold, there’s a reason to haul out the iron!

That first one migrated south to the garbage can, but I saved the second for a gift for a friend, a tote bag:


I loved how it made such a big impact on the tote. The grey chambray was gorgeous, and I love that bold geometric fabric, but I wish I’d used a nicer lining. The material was like the stuff a cheap tie is made of. Not a good feel, and unpleasant to work with. Even though I had a whole swag curtain length left (its former life), I threw it in the thrift store pile because it was so yucky to work with.


My next backyard bird was the blue jay, inspired by our recent birdfeeder visitor. Still not sure where he’s going to land…


I thought about using it as the focal point of this something-in-progress, a bunch of improve light neutral blocks I’ve done, but I’m as yet undecided. Care to weigh in?



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