Sam’s Quilt!

Well, the first quilt finish of 2017 is here. Here are previous incarnations, back when I was going with a 6×6 layout. Because I wanted a rectangle bedspread, I changed it to 5×7, which came out to about 56×79″. Just big enough for the top of a full size bed with not much hanging on the side, because Sam is 2 and we have bedrails on his bed. 

Quilted with my new walking foot, which was not as easy as I had hoped, due to it being the largest I’ve ever worked. Wrangle is the word that kept coming to mind. 

But I embraced my motto of “Perfect is the enemy of done”, and carried on. It may have contributed to my back injury, though, and I had to take a couple weeks off from working on it. During which, this happened:

My most beloved & elderly cat, Bean, commandeered it for his new Napping Spot. And I swear, he did something, because when my back felt better and I resumed work, it went much more smoothly. Thank you, Bean! 


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