Wonky Log Cabins, Part 2

I made my goal of 16 blocks, and they really did use scraps nicely. For the last “round”, I used my neutral scraps, because I also had a lot of those. 

However, I think next time I would:

  • Use thinner strings, with more “rounds” per log cabin
  • Edit out the blues that worked more like low-volume prints, because they ended making it hard to tell in some cases that they even are log cabins
  • Try a technique I read about on a now-defunct blog, where you cut all your scraps an equal width and then sew them all together end-to-end to make a really really long string, then cut as needed for your log cabin. That could eat up more scraps. 

I’ve started sewing them into rows, using my own method of not having to be precise about block size, but really being more laborious in the end and having to figure out which blocks match up best. 

Excuse the wrinkles; I had them rolled up in an ill-fated attempt to….avoid wrinkles.

I’m not super loving it, so I’m letting it rest for a little while. Sometimes the answer comes to me as I fall asleep, and sometimes space and time are the beat things for a piece. We’ll see.


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