Cupid’s Arrow table runner

Happy almost-Valentine’s Day! In our family, the holiday is a week early, commemorating the first time my husband came to visit me after we met online, all those years ago.

So I trawled through my pink & red scrap bin to make a random herringbone table runner, with splashes of white. Quilted with my new walking foot, in lines that match the pattern.

It came together pretty quickly, which was satisfying after a months-long full-size quilt! And more walking foot practice.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Painting in Multiples

One night as I was falling asleep, a painting idea came to me, with a specific process. I couldn’t get my paints out for another couple days, but I painted it in my head several times. And when I did get some studio time, I painted it on several media.

First, my art journal:

Then some cardboard:

Detail of square-in-squares:

And then a giant canvas I stretched myself, about 18×24. It’s a saggy first timer, and the scrap wood has some weird indents, but I’m learning.

This one is still in process, and you can see that the middle leaf-shaped thing is “supposed” to start with purple-on-purple circles before the square-on-squares. 

Not sure where any of this is “going”, or went, but an interesting exercise nonetheless!

Sam’s Quilt!

Well, the first quilt finish of 2017 is here. Here are previous incarnations, back when I was going with a 6×6 layout. Because I wanted a rectangle bedspread, I changed it to 5×7, which came out to about 56×79″. Just big enough for the top of a full size bed with not much hanging on the side, because Sam is 2 and we have bedrails on his bed. 

Quilted with my new walking foot, which was not as easy as I had hoped, due to it being the largest I’ve ever worked. Wrangle is the word that kept coming to mind. 

But I embraced my motto of “Perfect is the enemy of done”, and carried on. It may have contributed to my back injury, though, and I had to take a couple weeks off from working on it. During which, this happened:

My most beloved & elderly cat, Bean, commandeered it for his new Napping Spot. And I swear, he did something, because when my back felt better and I resumed work, it went much more smoothly. Thank you, Bean! 

Winter Sketchbook 2013

Sometimes it’s illuminating take a flip through old work. Tonight I’m revisiting a rough sketchbook (not really an art journal yet) from the beginning of my art journey. Let me know if anything speaks to you.
I was cutting foam sheet stamps:


Doodling these corner mandalas:

Making full mandalas:

Working out this spiral thing:

And this dot thing:

And more detailed drawing…

…and painting. (I was scared to commit to watercolor paper, but you cannot get very good results on newsprint, no matter how lovely your subject.)

Hmmm. Gonna go see if I can recreate some stuff in my current art journal. My son just got a 120 pack of Crayola crayons for Christmas & I’m thinking those targetdots would be fun to do in lots of color schemes…

Til next time!

Work in Progress

I thought this quilt top was all-but-bordered, but when I put it on the bed I decided to take a row off and change it from a 6×6 grid to a 5×7 so it would be rectangular. Still working, adding borders now.

Quick Sewing: Cloth Wipes

I had two old flannel bedsheets that were no longer usable as such; one even had a big hole in it. I ripped them down to 10×10″ pieces. (Flannel rips super easy; just make a scissor nick at the length you want and tear.) Sewed two wrong sides-together using a zigzag stitch over the edge. I got over two dozen from each sheet. They’re great for diaper wipes, if you cloth diaper anyway, or for washing dishes (I use a different color for each so they are TOTALLY separate!). My son is 2 and a half and the set I made before he was born is still going.