Free motion quilting Sampler


I’ve been working on learning free motion quilting (FMQ) for a while now, almost since I started quilting. I knew I wanted to FMQ my first project, my Papa quilt, and I did, although looking at it now I cringe at the out-of-wack tension.

I did a few other projects, and kept practicing along the way. But it was only when I made my first gift quilt that I got serious about my studies. That, and the intense trial and error on my Easter table runner.


At some point I searched FMQ on Facebook and joined the group Sit Down Free Motion Quilting. I had no idea what luck I was in! The teacher there has a free sampler pattern, complete with lessons and YouTube videos for 9 filler patterns and 4 borders. Woah!

Here’s my completed sampler:


A closeup of my favorite, feathers:


I learned so much, and finally feel confident about using free motion quilting. You just can’t get the same textures with straight line quilting.

Here’s a teaser of how I’m currently using my new skills. Til next time!



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